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Are you tired of surfing through endless options of embroidery machines in the market and still can’t make a confident decision? All embroidery purchasers face these challenges at some point in their custom embroidery career. That’s why we have done the hard work for you. Our team of experts has rigorously tested several custom embroidery machines supporting many digitized file options to bring the list of the 7 best machines for customer embroidery. It covers the needs of several buyers, whether looking for a budgeted option or an easily operable machine. So, let’s move onto the list.


Tajima’s TMBR2-SC Series Embroidery Machine – Top Choice

Fabric “fluttering” during embroidery can lead to skipped stitches, uneven trimming, and, frankly, a lot of frustration. However, all these issues have one solution: the Tajima’s TMBR2-SC Series embroidery machine. Tajima is the oldest but best embroidery machine brand, offering innovative solutions to embroidery-related issues. It comes with a pack of features.
My experience with Tajima’s TMBR2-SC Series embroidery machine has been good with its Digitally Controlled Presser Foot (DCP). This DCP system eliminates the need for manual adjustments and guesswork, delivering consistent, high-quality embroidery results every time.

Moreover, it also boasts a user-friendly 12.1-inch touchscreen adorned with intuitive icons and multilingual displays. It makes operating the machine a breeze, with all your settings and adjustments at your fingertips. The DCP settings can be easily managed on this touchscreen, simplifying a process that was once mechanical and time-consuming.

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  • Large Color Touchscreen for easy design preview and editing.
  • DCP ensures flawless embroidery by stabilizing fabric.
  • User-friendly and suitable for beginners.
  • It allows enhancements like Multi Cording Device 2 to expand the versatility.


  • Non-interchangeable hoops, which can be challenging.
  • Large and heavy, not ideal for small spaces.

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Melco Bravo – The Brand For Embroidery Businesses

Second, on my list is the Melco Bravo Embroidery Machine! This commercial single-head powerhouse packs a punch with its 16 needles, allowing for vibrant colors in your designs. The Actifeed system takes the hassle out of tension adjustments, adapting to different fabric thicknesses.

The Bravo’s distinctive feature lies in its accuracy. With the thread brake sensor, you’re assured of consistently excellent stitches. The presser foot adapts effortlessly, and the flat-top needle plate ensures materials are level while the trimmer tidies up thread tails immaculately.

Besides, since it can run at a max speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, it can handle everything from cap fronts to large 36 by 30-inch designs on jacket backs with finesse. The intuitive Melco Bravo OS software simplifies design management, making hassle-free color changes and hoop adjustments. Hence, it’s a worthwhile investment for hobbyists looking for embroidered logo designs on caps or jacket back digitized embroidery.


  • The activated system simplifies tension adjustments.
  • The thread brake sensor ensures consistent stitch quality.
  • Adjustable presser foot for various fabric thicknesses.
  • Flat-top needle plate for even material placement.
  • The trimmer creates neat thread tails for a polished finish.


  • Higher cost due to commercial-grade features.
  • Large sizes make it unsuitable for small workspaces.
  • Complex for beginners seeking basic functions.

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Barudan KT automat – The Quickest Embroidery Machine

The Barudan KT Automat’s user-friendly embroidery Machine is the runner-up in my list of best Embroidery Machines. It’s a bundle of premium features, making your large embroidery orders quicker and faster. This machine is a game-changer for handling large embroidery orders with finesse.

It has an amazing 8.4-inch LCD touch display. It’s not just user-friendly; it’s like having a skilled assistant beside you. Loading designs, teaching colors, and overseeing the entire embroidery process have never been this effortless.
Now, let’s talk about those key features. With 100 memory locations and a whopping 70 million stitch memory, you’re ready for a wide range of projects. The timeline feature keeps you updated on sewing progress and color changes, and the stitch processing (DSP) ensures every stitch is perfect.

My personal favorite is the design outline trace with a laser pointer. It’s all about precision. Plus, the dual-tasking feature lets you load or teach the next design while the machine keeps working, saving you precious time.


  • Ample memory with 100 locations and a vast 70 million stitch memory.
  • Stitch processing (DSP) for impeccable stitching.
  • Frame outlines are displayed on-screen for better visualization.
  • One-touch centering tool for perfect alignment.
  • Customizable shortcuts for saving time.


  • Complex LCDs require technical support for minor issues.
  • Periodic updates may interrupt workflow.
  • Integration with third-party accessories can be complex.

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Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine

The Janome 500E Embroidery Machine is versatile and renowned for its user-friendly features, precision, and the creative freedom it offers embroidery enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the details and discover why it stands out among thousands of machines.
It has a user-friendly touchscreen interface allows you to resize, rotate, and manipulate designs directly on the screen. Moreover, it is also equipped with an automatic thread cutter that neatly snips the thread, eliminating the need for manual intervention. The advanced needle threader can simplify the most intricate threading tasks while accommodating large-scale projects with an embroidery area measuring 7.9″ x 11″. It’s particularly valuable when crafting custom designs like vector art that demand space and precision. The 160 built-in designs cater to a broad spectrum of creative ideas.


  • Good for innovative embroidery designs
  • Touch screen interface for simplified use.
  • Durable design with top-notch software


  • A little complex for beginners

Brother Embroidery Machine, SE1900

The Brother SE1900 embroidery machine is another fantastic addition to our list of the best embroidery machines for custom designs. This machine is a favorite among embroidery enthusiasts and professionals alike, thanks to its impressive combination of features and performance.

It has an extensive library of 138 built-in designs that cover various styles and themes, allowing you to tackle various projects easily. Additionally, it boasts 11 versatile font styles, including English, Japanese, and Cyrillic fonts. The 3.2-inch large color touchscreen display makes it effortless to preview and edit your designs before stitching.

Moreover, the intuitive interface simplifies the customization process, even for beginners. The spacious embroidery field, measuring 5″ x 7″, provides ample room for larger and more intricate designs. However, finding a suitable storage solution for the embroidery/sewing bed can be challenging.


  • Advanced threading option
  • Automated thread cutter with button push
  • Durable enough to withstand heavy regular use.


  • Large and heavy machine
  • Very noisy
  • Expensive

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POOLIN EOC05 custom embroidery machine

POOLIN EOC05 embroidery machine for custom design has seamlessly integrated itself into the crafting arsenal of embroidery artists. It’s the best embroidery machine for custom design because it excels in amazing home embroidery techniques and digitizing them to premium ones.

Its standout feature is the USB transfer capability. Hence, you can easily digitize your embroidery designs into software-compatible files and transfer them easily with a USB. Then, you can use its two embroidery hoops, measuring 4″ x 9.2″ and 4″ x 4″, to ensure that you create a perfect design with a combination of small and large intricate patterns. It also contains a comprehensive set of accessories like 24 rolls of embroidery threads, a box of colored bobbins, and a pack of stabilizers.
Like all other models, it doesn’t accept pictures in direct image formats. Hence, you must submit your designs after digitizing them in software languages and exporting them in dst/dsb format. Don’t worry because “The Embroider” can do that custom digitizing for you.


  • Allows combination of multiple embroidery patterns
  • Added accessories and thread rolls
  • Almost 100 built-in designs and 8 fonts


  • It only reads images in dst/dsb format.

Singer SE300 Embroidery Machine

Customers desire an embroidery machine that seamlessly blends user-friendliness with versatility. That’s where the singer embroidery machine comes into play. In a landscape where complexity often overshadows simplicity, the Singer SE300 stands out as a beacon of ease and accessibility.

The machine boasts an impressive selection of 250 built-in stitches, 200 embroidery designs, and six alphabet font options for those interested in embroidery. Additionally, it comes with two embroidery hoops (4″x 4″ and 10 1/4″ x 6″) and a USB stick for expanding design possibilities like 3D designing. However, you must feed digitized 3D embroidery designs to its software for customized results.

My favorite features of this model include a needle threader and speed control that simplifies my work up to 10 times. Yet, unlike other embroidery machines, it doesn’t offer extensive on-screen editing options. Thus, if you require in-depth design modifications, you may need to invest in separate software for editing.


  • It features a color LCD touchscreen display.
  • The machine includes 200 built-in embroidery designs and six fonts.


  • You may have to buy additional editing software.
  • Lack of on-screen editing options.

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Final Words

Each of these embroidery machines offers distinct advantages, but remember, they also have limitations. Therefore, before purchasing the best custom-designed embroidery machine, choose one that aligns with your unique needs and aspirations.
So, It’s time to transform your creations with the power of embroidery technology. Buy your favorite machine from my list of best embroidery machines for custom design and have your designs digitized by Us, “The Embroider,” to ease up your custom embroidery art.