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Our expertise in cap digitizing is unmatched in the USA. Our expert digitizers know all techniques, including center stream placement and stitch type selection. Our every digital stitch is precise, and every design is flawlessly executed, keeping your final embroidery project in mind. So, whenever you want machine embroidery digitizing for hats, trust The Embroider to deliver excellent digitization.


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Our Cap Embroidery Digitizing Includes

The professionals of embroidery know about the technical stuff about cap embroidery digitizing. We're good at ensuring everything is the right size, and the final stitches look nice and smooth. We can digitize special satin stitches for letters and small stuff on caps. Besides, when we work on tiny letters, we put some extra stitches underneath to make them look neat, and those stitches are short, so they don't stick out.

We also know that if the text is too small or thin, it can be hard to read. So, we avoid making the text too tiny or narrow. And when we want to make letters look bold and clear. We add a special border around them that is at least 1mm wide so it doesn't get blurry. Sometimes, we use different colored threads to make the text stand out against the cap.

When we do 3-D puff text, we're careful about the order of embroidery digitizing in softwares like wilcom. We start with the outline and then add the puffy part. All these professional digitizing techniques make your cap embroidery designs look great because we digitize with care. So, when you choose The Embroider, you're picking a team that knows all the right tricks to make your caps look awesome. Here is the list of our services.

  • ● Baseball cap digitizing
  • ● Beanie digitizing
  • ● Flat cap digitizing
  • ● Cowboy hat digitizing
  • ● Bucket Hats digitizing

Back hat Machine Embroidery Digitizing

We're the go-to team for prime quality back hat machine embroidery digitizing in the USA. Our experienced team specializes in making digital embroidery files exclusively for the back of hats. Besides, we guarantee that our professional cap design digitization will guide your embroidery machine at its best.

Our expert team understands your design and digitizes every stitch with care. We know that back hat embroidery needs seam centering and the bold design needs extra dense string digitization. So, trust us with your design your Embroidery Digitizing project is in good hands.


Structured And Unstructured Hat Digitizing

Structured and unstructured caps are not the same and so is their Digitizing process. 6 panel caps or structured caps are very difficult to digitize because they often cause a push and pull effect. Don't worry our digitizers know how to center them by digitizing a perfect design.

Unstructured hats, on the other hand, don't need centering. The digitizers know that the fabric of unstructured hats slips during embroidery. So, they cleverly digitize the design with less stitch counts, less trimming that executes a perfect sewing process. So, whether you have a structured cap or unstructured 5 panel cap we know how to digitize your design.

We are Hat Embroidery Digitizers

At The Embroider, we take pride in being your trusted choice for the best cap digitizing services throughout the USA. Our specialization lies in delivering premium hat embroidery digitizing and a wide spectrum of cap digitizing solutions. Our mission is simple yet significant - we aim to offer you the finest custom hat embroidery digitizing services at economical rates. Therefore, we are eligible for your 5-star customer satisfaction rating.




Theembroider values clients with High-Quality Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Conversion Services at the most Economical Rates with Ultra-Fast Turnaround. We make our customers’ brand more prominent with our Award-winning services that can make them stand out from the rest.

Our turnaround time ranges from two to five business days, depending on the complexity of the design. However, we also cater to urgent orders, which can be delivered within a few hours.

We have set competitive pricing as compared to our competitors.

Our team is highly efficient, and they have the ability to vectorize the images within a few hours. However, the complex artwork might require a few days.

Yes, we can transform the normal/raster images into vector images.



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I ordered a customized logo, and it was perfect in every way. Thank you THE EMBROIDER for providing such a good quality of services.

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They are really professionals and the quality of service is par excellence. also done the quality of work. Thank you THE EMBROIDER

Alexa Smith



Outstanding customer support, service, and the quality of work were marvelous. I would highly recommend to all my colleagues to take advantage of their services.

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Marketing Manager


I ordered a customized logo, and it was perfect in every way. Thank you THE EMBROIDER for providing such a good quality of services.

David Michael



They are really professionals and the quality of service is par excellence. also done the quality of work. Thank you THE EMBROIDER

Alexa Smith


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Our pricing is budget-friendly. Contact us for a free quote tailored to your specific needs within 4 to 6 hours only. You can also choose our package of 1000 stitches for $1.

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