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Hatch is the most advanced and easy-to-use embroidery digitizing software. This embroidery software is specifically designed for domestic use and helps hobby embroiders expand their creativity. It is powered by Wilcom and is commercial software that is designed with amazing tools and features to simplify embroidery digitizing.

It is an automatic embroidery software that helps to turn your hobby into a great side hustle. It creates beautiful designs and gives powerful editing options with quality embroidery results. But is Hatch embroidery software good enough to rely on? Well, in this article, we will dig deeper to get the right answer.

What is Hatch Embroidery Digitizing Software?

You know that Hatch is an embroidery software with different capabilities and strengths. Since it is a manual digitizing tool, it helps you to digitize open and closed shapes. It traces your artwork and lets you alter the blocks and designs.

The organizer version of Hatch is available for $149 while its full version called Digitizer costs around $1099. It is only compatible with PCs and offers a 30-day trial version with multiple tutorials and designs.

However, if you are a beginner or a new embroidery brand, you don’t need to learn digitizing or get Hatch software. Just partner up with a good Digitizing service and you are good to go. The embroiderers offer huge discounts to embroidery businesses and digitize embroidery designs in bulk.

What Makes Hatch a Good Embroidery Document?

With the latest innovations in the embroidery digitizing industry, what makes Hatch beat its counterparts? Well, the ever-increasing popularity of Hatch is due to its affordability, compatibility, and ease of use. It comprises the following major features that make it better than other tools in the market.

Manual and Auto-Digitizing

The manual digitizing feature of Hatch allows to open and close shapes. It comprises 8 digitizing tools that are powerful enough to be compatible with an embroiderer’s creativity. Hatch is equipped with vector art and it suggests various shapes, designs, and sequencing ideas. Also with the help of its 1-click conversion bitmap, converts the vector art into embroidery.

Amazing Lettering Techniques:

Next on the list that makes Hatch best is its world-class lettering that comes with 124 professionally digitized fonts. The Wilcome experts kept the need for embroiderers in mind and brought the best quality embroidery lettering.

Editing and Creativity with Monogramming

You can edit your designs, rework them, and carve out the best design. Hatch allows color blending, resizing, and recoloring with various other options. With over 400 ornaments and 300 motifs, Hatch allows you to create unlimited designs. It lets you personalize your design by modifying 90-plus templates.

Advanced Applique Designs

The 1-click conversion allows simple yet advanced applique conversions. You can also directly export them to SVG for your machine.

Color and Reef PhotoStitch Feature

Color PhotoStitch is perhaps one of the best features of Hatch. Now you can take pictures of your loved ones and embroider them to make a perfect gift. It lets you transform your photographs into artwork. With Reef PhotoStitch you can magically transform your art into a striking embroidery design with minimal stitch count.

Add Hand Stitch Effect

With this feature, you can apply a hand stitch effect to your design. It will not only add random stitch lengths and angles but will also enhance the creative organic look.

Though Hatch offers ease of use and convenient learning if you face any difficulty working on it, you can visit us at Digitize are us. Here you can learn much more about this digitizing software. So, to know more about Hatch read What is the Difference Between Hatch and Embrilliance & How Do You Digitize Holes In Hatch.

Is Hatch a Good Embroidery Software?

At first, when Hatch was introduced as a Home Embroidery software, people didn’t know much about it. But now it is well-known as the best software for embroidery lovers. The reason behind its growing reputation is that it brought a mind-blowing change in the commercial embroidery industry.

Hatch not only helped embroiders deliver the same virtual quality of design, but also it was production-friendly. If you are looking for reliable embroidery software then Hatch will serve you every penny. First of all, it is available at an amazingly affordable price. Secondly, it goes best for embroiders who are new to using such software.

Hatch offers user-friendly buttons and functions that are easy to learn. Also, it auto-corrects the digitizer and reduces your time and effort to outline the design. Hatch has another advantage in that it includes almost every machine file type, so regardless of the machine type and brand, it is perfect for everyone.


Hatch is in fact one of the best logo embroidery digitizing software available in the market. It not only allows better personalization and customization but is also a convenient and productive tool.