There has been a rise in the demand for digitizing. But amidst all, customers need help finding the best digitizing companies in the USA. It gets quite challenging to find companies that ensure premium quality within time. If you are one of those, rest assured that this article will clear all your queries.

List of Best Digitizing Companies in the USA

Clients are fond of digitizing as opposed to other methods because it has majorly improved and enriched their lives in many ways. It allows precision and consistency. You can tell the difference between traditional hand embroidery and digitized embroidery by its accuracy. Intricate designs, images in thread forms, and logos are perfectly embroidered through digitizing. Moreover, digitizing saves time. When it comes to firms, ‘time is money’.

Since digitizing provides all of those benefits, it is crucial for you to utilize it to its maximum potential. Due to this, we have made a list of 12 digitizing companies in the USA that have proven over time to be the top-notch ones. This will help you make the best decision for your brand and save time.

The Embroider

The Embroider enhances your digitizing experience to a greater extent. It is an online digitizing agency and a vectorization platform that was founded in 2015. If you value the payments and want a secure database, the Embroider is the perfect place for you. It provides you with the option of a Client Dashboard that gives you secure access to your invoices and designs.

The most exciting part about the Embroiders is that you can get a free logo digitized. You can send in a logo under 5 inches. This will enable you to try this out and trust them with the process. The Embroider also provides unlimited free quotes. This will help you make an informed choice as your quotation is the first priority.

This is a one-stop-shop solution for you as they offer multiple services. Digitizing services and vector art are one of them. Your orders are done by a team of experts who have an experience of over 15 years. This provides you with value for money as it is affordable.

In case you are still confused or want prompt replies, customer support is available 24/7.


Embroidersly is one of those digitizing companies that give your firm a professional look. From a logo to artwork, Embroidersly looks into all of it. You can give individual and bulk orders both as it specializes in both.


Stlshirtco has been in the industry for more than a decade and managed to satisfy its customers. It is a screen printing and embroidery digitizing company that has a fast turnaround and high quality. Some of the services include Logo Designing and Online Web Stores.

If you are a small or large business, Stlshirtco will be at your service since they have worked for both. You can place an order for 1-200 T-shirts for any occasion without any worries. The screen printing can be done even on T-shirts. For further queries, you can visit their website and fill out the form.

Custom One Online

Custom One Online is based in America. They offer multiple services like direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, screen printing, heat transfer printing, and Embroidery. This can be done on a wide variety of clothing and promotional products.

They take large orders as well so this could be another wise choice if you are looking for something affordable and good quality.

Genius Digitizing

If you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality embroidery digitizing company, Genius Digitizing can be a good option. It offers multiple services like Embroidery Digitising, Vector Art Conversion, 3D Puff Digitising, Applique Digitising etc.

You can reach out to their agents online to get a better idea of your order.

RileyBreean Digitizing

Riley Breean Digitizing is the perfect match for you if you want to transform artwork into embroidered designs. It is based in New York. RileyBreean Digitizing offers a wide variety of services like Applique Digitizing, Art Digitizing, 3D Puff Digitizing, etc. So if you are based in New York, RileyBreean is an ideal choice for you.

Copyart Work

Copyartwork has been in the industry for more than 10 years. You can get same-day embroidery digitizing services as it uses innovative methods. You can be free from any worries when giving them your orders as delays are a word unknown to them.

The time for orders is between 8 AM-2 PM PST Monday-Friday. It is recommended to inquire the chat support first. There are various ways to reach to their office like live chat, direct phone numbers, and customer support.


Absolute Digitizing

When it comes to amazing quality and quick delivery, Absolute Digitising is another name that comes to one’s mind. The only setback is that it only offers two services i.e. Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Tracing.

Absolute Digitising uses Wilcom Embroidery Studio Elements 3 and Tajima DG/ML V14. These are some of the highest quality software that most of the firms including The Embroider use.

Punch Digitizing

Punch Digitizing pays attention to fast turnaround times and quality. It offers Jacket Back Digitizing, Vector Art Services, 3D Puff Embroidery, Cap Digitizing etc. You can check out their strong portfolio to make sure you are making the right choice for yourself or the brand.

Embellished Embroidery

Embellished Embroidery is based in Jacksonville, FL. You can get custom embroidery. Moreover, if you are looking for some promotional products for your business, Embellished Embroidery will do it easily.

They specialize in working with schools, public safety, and other government-related opportunities.


BigFrog creates a style for all ages. It offers multiple services like DTG Printing, Screen Printing, Embroidery, Vinyl cutting Application, etc. You can contact them if you are looking for DTG printing as that is the specialty. Moreover, there is no minimum rate of order, and that gives you freedom.

Lakeview Digitizing

Lakeview Digitizing is based in San Jose, California. The main aim of Lakeview Digitizing is to provide digitizing services at a market-competitive rate. They are experts in 3D Puff, Animal Designs, and Small Lettering. If you have further queries, you can head onto their website and connect with customer support.