What Does It Mean By Logo Digitizing? To Dst File

If you want to create beautiful and professional artwork on your cap, hat, or shirt, you will need logo digitizing. It is a process in which computer software is used to design different patterns. These patterns are then entered into embroidery machines with the help of a USB. The machine then reads and stitches those patterns on the fabric. Digitizing a logo is a complex task, but with the right tools and software, you can get your desired results. Remember, no matter what type of artwork you want to digitize, skill is the key to getting the best outcome. This is the simplified meaning of logo digitizing. Now let’s discuss the whole process in detail. We will also discuss why you need logo digitizing and how you can get your logo digitized.

Why Do You Need Logo Digitizing?

Whether you want to digitize polos, caps, jackets, or other promotional items, high-quality logo design will elevate your message. It has a high impact and gives a premium feel. Along with that, the embroidered products don’t fade and retain durability even after multiple washing.

What is Logo Digitizing?

Digitizing a logo is an art of embroidery. Like any other digital program, it also requires specific software to edit, open, and read the file. These artworks are converted from JPEG or PNG files to a digital code and then sent to embroidery machines. This is because embroidery machines cannot read JPEG or PNG files.

Process of Logo Digitizing:

The digitizer will first examine your artwork. He will determine the exact specifications of your design. After that, he will create an outline for the file. The machine will consider this outline as a path for the needle to stitch the design. Since embroidery machines work on the principle of precision, they make stitches exactly where the input indicates. Once your design is in a stitch-ready format, the digitizer will estimate how many stitches are required to create this design on the garment. He will consider the location of the embroidery, the design element, and its complexity. Logo digitizing is a complex process and requires aesthetic and technical skills. The digitizer also determines how dense the stitch should be. He also makes sure that the machine reads the design and uses perfect dimensions to sew the stitch. The more complex and colourful design requires more colours and stitches. In the actual logo digitising process, when sewing in one colour is completed, the machine loads another thread. It uses the digitized image and keeps repeating the whole process until your entire artwork is replicated on the fabric. After the logo digitization and the artwork is embroidered comes the manual work. The embroidered fabric is bruised to remove loose and extra threads.

Is Logo Digitizing Essential for Branding?

Yes, logo digitizing is an essential part of branding. It is a process of converting the design of the company’s logo or team emblem into a stitch file. This stitch file is read by the embroidery machine and is stitched on the garment. You will need careful planning and precision to digitize your logo successfully. To digitize a logo, you need to understand the symbols and designs used in your client’s logo. Then, you will use software to create a perfect image. The image of the logo should be in a high-quality resolution. After that, transfer the digitized image to a machine that will stitch it into place.

Specifications of an Embroidery Machine to Sticth a Digitized Logo

The embroidery machine should be able to produce high-quality stitches. Otherwise, all your digitizing efforts will be of no use. Make sure that the machine has undergone a few repairs or upgrades before you input your digitized design. You can use software like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDRAW to manually add colours and edit stitches before sending the file to the machine.

Specifications of Software Use to Sticth a Digitized Logo

Different digitizing programs are available in the market. You must find one compatible with your embroidery machine. Choose the right software. Make sure it reads your instructions thoroughly before starting the work. Be careful with the editing. Once after completing the digitizing save your design in an external hard drive. You can also export it as an Embroidery File Format (EFX) file. Remember to test a new design before starting the project. It will help you to edit anything if required. In this process, you convert a design to a stitch file that can then be embroidered by machine. The term digitized logo means that the image has been converted into electronic form. The process involves taking a photograph of the logo. This photograph is then copied into a program. The program will convert it into an electronic file.

Do You Need Logo Digitizing Services?

If you are running a business, then Yes! Logos are a visual representation of a business. They are used for all sorts of marketing materials, including caps, t-shirts, brochures, company websites, forums etc. Logos are exclusively designed for a business, and they promote your presence among people. It reflects a refined look of your brand and gathers the attention of the masses. At Digitize Are Us, we ensure your logo is perfectly designed and it should be attractive. We also make sure that every detail should be considered to transform your artwork into a reliable branding material.

    Wrapping Up!

    Logo digitizing is a complex process that requires both skill and experience. Do some market research and then select the platform to digitize your logo. Make sure you choose the right digitizer who is well aware of his job.