Are you having issues with your sewing machine’s needle? Do you want to know how to replace the needle on your Brother sewing machine with a new one?

And in case you are wondering how to change the needle on a brother sewing machine then you should start reading this blog.

Why you need to replace the needle

Needles get blunt with use and sometimes they bend which makes them harder to push through the fabric and this can cause damage to the threads and material. If the brother sewing machine is struggling, jumping or making a thumping sound and changing things like stitch tension and length doesn’t work, then it’s time for a needle change.


Type of the needle you need

In the case of sewing very small items, the needle gets less used than a quilter or an embroiderer. However, The needle should be replaced every 6-8 hours of sewing no matter what type of fabric and piece of cloth is being used. The better the quality needles will surely last longer.

Let’s dig deeper to know how to change the needle of a brother sewing machine. You’ll have to follow all the steps mentioned below

  • Gather the Necessary equipment
  • Ensure safety
  • Remove the Old Needle
  • Install the New Needle
  • Adjust the Needle Position
  • Replace the Presser Foot
  • Hold the Presser Foot
  • Lower the Presser Foot
  • Tighten the Screw

Gather the Necessary equipment

You need to collect all the materials you need. Make sure you have replacement needles that are specially designed for Brother sewing machines, a screwdriver to loosen the needle clamp, a lint brush to clean dirt and debris from the machine, and finally tweezers for a better grip.

Ensure safety

Turn off the electricity connection and unplug the machine to avoid any potential electric shock.

Hold the Presser Foot

First of all, make sure you’ve lifted the presser foot before attempting to change the needle on your Brother sewing machine. Holding the presser foot will prevent any damage to the machine and it will ensure a smooth transition to your new needle.

To hold the presser foot, use your left hand to gently lift it up. There’s a tiny lever at the back of the machine and lifting this lever will help you to move the presser foot up and down easily.

Hold the presser foot up with your left hand and start changing the needle.

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Remove the Old Needle

Now remove the old needle by raising the needle bar to its highest position by turning the handwheel in your direction. Use the screwdriver and turn it in your direction or in a clockwise direction to loosen the needle clamp. Once this process is done pull the needle downwards and remove it.

Install the New Needle

After removing the old needle insert the new one in your machine but make sure that the flat side of the needle faces the back of the machine and push it up as much as you can.

Adjust the Needle Position

Now it’s time to analyze and check the needle position to ensure your stitches are straight and even. This is a significant step because even the slightest misalignment will result in uneven or skipped stitches.

To secure the position of the needle in its place tighten the needle clamp with a screwdriver the same way you had loosen it before. But this time turn the screwdriver in an outer direction. It’s okay to take time with this step.

Make small adjustments if you need to after a few tries you’ll get the needle in the perfect position and your effort will be worth it for beautiful and even stitches.

Lower the Presser Foot

After installing and adjusting the needle, lower the presser foot and ensure that your fabric holds in place and doesn’t shift while you sew. You can always adjust it’s pressure.

Brother Sewing Machine Needle Size

The shaft’s diameter determines the size of the needle used in Brother sewing machines. There are two ways to measure the size of the needle, the Europea System which ranges from 60 to 110 and the American System which ranges from 8 to 19. The size of the needle increases with the number.

Use larger needles for heavier fabrics like canvas and denim as it gives more stitches in a given time on thicker fabric. The smaller needles are to stitch on fine and thinner fabrics like lycra and silk.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully changed the needle on your Brother sewing machine and all you have left to do is test your machine’s working. This step may look simple but it is also crucial and it will help you to avoid any potential issues and damage to the machine.