A Detailed Comparison of 3D Puff vs. Flat Embroidery

Embroidery is more than needles and threads because the technology has completely changed how it looks. Embroidery Digitizing Service can transform your art into customized embroidery, which works excellently for customized apparel. Regarding embroidery, two techniques are most popular, including flat embroidery and 3D puff embroidery. So, if you want to know the differences, we have the details!

The main difference between 3D puff and flat embroidery is that 3D puff embroidery adds dimension and depth to the design, creating a raised, three-dimensional effect, while flat embroidery keeps the design entirely flat with no added texture.

Flat Embroidery in the USA

Flat embroidery is basically a decorative stitch and is also known as a satin stitch. It is used for stitching embroidered threads on the hat in flat condition. It’s one of the most used embroidery techniques out there. It can be done on different materials, but it’s better to use it on thicker fabrics as the results are better.

Flat embroidery is recommended to add a stylish yet elegant touch to your clothing. This suits intricate designs because you can work with over nine colors at once. There are multiple benefits of using flat embroidery for personal and business use, such as;

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Sleek and Business Appearance

Flat embroidery is basically a satin stitch, which looks like needlework. For this reason, it looks extremely sleek and stylish. In addition, it can be used to add a personalized touch to your apparel, making it a promising choice for businesses that want to create business attire and merch.

Perfect for Complex Designs

Flat embroidery works better if you have to embroider complex designs. You can play with nine colors in every design and add more minute details. This means that you can use it for pictures as well as complex corporate logos.

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Flexibility in Fabric Selections

Flexibility in fabric selection is pretty essential, and flat embroidery offers that. Flat embroidery is often used for thicker fabrics, such as polyester, fleece, canvas, and denim. In fact, it can be used for wool and leather.

3D Puff Embroidery in the USA

3D puff embroidery digitizing service is a well-known technique with which the thread is sewn on the foam piece, which helps create a raised appearance. This embroidery is usually used for ball caps and other clothes that aren’t washed regularly because frequent washing can damage the foam. That’s why it’s used for jackets and hats as well.

In fact, sewing this embroidery can take 2x more time as compared to flat embroidery because you’ve to be careful about spacing the letters and designs. To understand its benefits, read below!

Textured and Raised Effect

3D puff embroidery is also known as raised embroidery as the design looks raised and texture. It has more depth and tends to pop out from the material it’s sewn on, such as shirts, hats, and caps.

Dimensionality and High Visibility

Since the foam is used to create the raised effect, it will help add dimension to the embroidery. As a result, the 3D puff embroidery is more visible as compared to flat embroidery.

Improving Brand Lettering and Logos

Since it has a raised appearance, it is used for embroidering brand logos and brand lettering. Keep in mind that it doesn’t work well with intricate details or thin lines, so it’s used when the logos are simple and have fewer details. Also, it has a few solid colors only.

Flat Embroidery vs. 3D Puff Embroidery

The choice between Flat Embroidery and 3D Puff embroidery is quite a difficult one. This article will pave the way for your understanding of what is best suited for you. There are significant differences between 3D puff embroidery and flat embroidery, such as;

Puff Embroidery vs. Flat Embroidery: Pricing

Puff embroidery is usually more expensive because it needs more stuff, such as foam. In addition, puff embroidery is used on bigger designs, which need more materials. On the other hand, flat embroidery is affordable, and the actual prices depend on the number of colors and stitch count.

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Flat Embroidery and Puff Embroider: Features

To begin with, flat embroidery has a sleek design, making it suitable for people who want a polished and smooth finish. In addition, it’s versatile and can be used on different types of garments, such as caps, uniforms, and merch.

On the other hand, puff embroidery has a three-dimensional appearance. It has a raised appearance and has a tactile quality. As a result, it will be more attention-grabbing.

Puff Embroidery and Flat Embroidery: Approach and Design Method

Puff embroidery used a layered approach. That’s because the foam is used as packing on the fabric before you embroider the design. The stitches are completed over the foam, resulting in a raised effect. Also, it is used on selective parts of the design.

On the other hand, flat embroidery uses the standard approach of sewing stitches directly on the fabric (no need for extra materials). Also, this method usually covers the entire surface, making it suitable for a smooth and flat surface.

Selecting the Appropriate Embroidery Design for Your Project

Now that you know the differences, we are sharing a few factors that will help you choose between 3D puff embroidery and flat embroidery.

Design Complexity Considerations

If you have a complex design with more intricate details, it’s better to use flat embroidery. On the other hand, 3D puff embroidery is recommended if you need straightforward yet bigger designs.

Applicability to Various Types of Clothing

If you need something to accentuate the logos or brand letters on any clothing, you can choose 3D puff embroidery. Some examples include ball caps, hats, and jackets. On the other hand, flat embroidery is recommended for thick fabrics and when you want neat design on anything.

Materials Selection Influencing Factors

If you want the embroidery on polyester, cotton, wool, canvas, fleece, leather, and line, we recommend using flat embroidery. On the contrary, structured fabrics do well with 3D puff embroidery. In addition, you can use them for workwear, bags, jackets, and specialty fabrics.

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Cost and Pricing Influencing Factors

In most cases, the 3D puff embroidery is more expensive because more material (such as foam) is used. On the other hand, flat embroidery is affordable, but its price can vary with the number of colors and stitch count in the design.


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What is the 3D puff embroidery technique suitable for?

It is suitable if you want to embroider the logo and branded letters on jackets and hats.

What is three-dimensional embroidery?

This is a specialized embroidery technique that creates a raised appearance of the design.

What does flat embroidery look like?

It is used for decorative purposes. The stitches are sewn into the fabric, which means the design is flat against the surface.